31 January 2012

A move to Wordpress?

For a little while, I've been contemplating moving this blog to a different platform. My understanding has been that Wordpress is in most respects, a superior platform to Blogger. I've managed to set up an account and move my posts over.

You can find the new blog at http://sipech.wordpress.com/

I'm going to post most things on both sites for a while, as I'm not yet decided if I want to make the move permanent. It was only when I started to look through Wordpress that I discovered many features are hidden behind a paywall. So although the appearance is generally a lot more professional than Blogger, the customisation is greatly inferior. At least, that's how I see it.

If you've migrated accounts, drop a comment and let me know what your experiences are, and if you've got any hints & tips.


  1. I have had similar thoughts - had convinced myself that moving over to Wordpress would be a good idea (especially due to the superior commenting function) but then found that I would have to pay WP in order to enjoy the same functionality as I do on blogger. This has stopped me for now. Blogger will remain until I am yet again, convinced otherwise!

    1. I was surprised when you couldn't even change things like the column widths. So on the new platform, I've been changing the template to try and find one that suits. WP definitely looks more professional, at first glance. I possibly could get Blogger to look better, but I'm no expert at computer programming, so I daren't touch the coding.

      I much prefer point and press options with menus, etc. The other thing is that this one gets a lot more hits as it's been referenced more.